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       AGSE 2013 Programme Handbook

Conference Venue Address

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Welcome to AGSE 2013

The international conference on ‘Geospatial Momentum for Society and Environment’ is the 6th event in a series of AGSE. The event, organized in collaboration with Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and CEPT University, will be held in Ahmedabad, India in December 2013. With the aim of bringing together scientists, researchers, academia, developers, users, and practitioners under single umbrella, the first in this series of conferences was held in 2008 and discussed the advancement in geospatial technology and GIscience. A further focus of the event was to foster interdisciplinary talks on all aspects of geographic information systems. By organising such conferences and workshops, as well as publishing papers, the AGSE seek to advance science and technology in Remote Sensing, Geoscience, Applied Science, and related fields. The dissemination of useful application in Geospatial technology leading to a better environment is also part of its mission.
The AGSE 2013 offers an excellent opportunity for the experts in the field by hosting an international conference on the theme ‘Geospatial Momentum for Society and Environment’. The location of the event further augments this opportunity as Ahmedabad is one of the fastest developing and growing cities in India. Known for its vibrancy and an attitude of celebrating life along with its spirit of entrepreneurship, the city has a fast expanding  centre of education, information technology and scientific industries; Ahmedabad remains the cultural and commercial heart of Gujarat.

We invite you to participate and explore the potential of geospatial technology and learn how GIS acts as a positive force for  governments, society and industry providing support in a wide range of topics including planning, development, utility and resource management, transportation, safety and emergency response, research and analysis.